Contemporary Range

Brett Contemporary Garden Paving offers crisp, clean lines and stylish surfaces for a more modern aesthetic when it comes to paving around your home.

Within the contemporary range is the following types of garden paving:

GeoCeramica® represents the evolution of elegant, durable, beautiful contemporary porcelain paving. It offers all the benefits of conventional porcelain paving with its cool, crisp beauty and minimal maintenance but has now been made easy to install using traditional UK construction methods – and suitable for use on both patios and driveways alike.
This is thanks to the pre-bonded cementitious drainage base of GeoCeramica® which allows it to be quickly installed over a conventional Type 1 sub-base.


  • Refined, elegant aesthetics
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Simple to install using traditional methods
  • No staining, moss, algae or lichen growth
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles
  • Suitable for patios and driveways

The fantastic GeoCeramica® range is available in a single 600 x 600mm plan size but but offers three thicknesses depending upon your application:

  • 60mm for driveways where increased strength is required.
  • 40mm for patio paving making it ideal for patio’s and pathways.
  • 10mm for indoor spaces and detailing elements such as step treads.
    These features make the GeoCeramica® range from Brett Landscaping the ideal paving solution for your next paving project where seeking a fully integrated look around your home.
    Premium quality Italian Porcelain paving is available in a range of carefully selected finishes guaranteed to bring the highest levels of elegance and sophistication, not to mention durability and ease of maintenance, to your garden as Porcelain is highly resistant to staining or the growth of moss and algae.
    Available in 20mm thickness, a range of stone and timber effect colours and two plan sizes for optimal design and flexibility.
    Lugano Flags.
    Brett Lugano is a contemporary granite effect garden paving slab with a lightly textured surface to enable you to get the premium look of granite – but at a more affordable price.
    It is available in two sizes and two colurs, which can work as single colours to match with existing detailing – or as colour combinations to provide additional visual interest to your home.
    The finely textured surface of Chaucer paving provides attractive and practical patio paving options.
    Chaucer is available in 3 popular colours and 2 sizes for maximum design flexibility.
    For a fresh contemporary feel, lay Chaucer narrow jointed to achieve a more defined finish.

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