Luxury Range

This range is made up of products that are the best luxurious lawns we provide

These luxury products offer super soft grass fibres, realistic looking and hard wearing all at the same time

Within the luxury range is the following types of artificial grasss

Pile Height = 37mm
This is luxury in a lawn. A sumptuous mix of highly advanced shaped yarns gives you the ultimate look and feel. Yet for all its lusciousness, it’s also super hardwearing.

Green Elise
Pile Height = 27mm
This gives you the best of both worlds. A neat look for your garden or landscape that’s also very dense – made to look like the best keep lawns in the world. Artificial grass doesn’t get much better than this.

Pile Height = 25mm
Luxuriously dense fibres with a perfectly manicured finish, along with the vibrant fresh colour of a newly cut spring lawn. With the same pile height density of Elise, Horizon delivers an unrivalled look and feel.

Eclipse 2017
Pile Height = 30mm
If you love the natural bounce from walking on a well-kept lawn, this one’s for you.  The latest technology is used to create a variety of soft curving fibres with a 30mm pile height.

Pro Putt
Pile Height = 15mm
We looked at the finest golf greens in the world, then worked hard to replicate them. The result is ProPutt. It behaves like a golf green thanks to its 100% nylon fibres, offering consistent speed (stint). But unlike a golf green, it’s designed to last without all that maintenance.

Artificial grass range