Contemporary Range

This range is made up of products that a more effective gravel area compared to the traditional range of shingle

These contemporary products are designed to work particularly well with modern properties – but can also create a spectacular contrast with older or period properties.

Within the contemporary range is the following types of gravel:

Silver Ice.
Silver Ice is a product with a mixture of black, white and silver throughout which can be an effective look on any property.

Spanish Mix Marble.
The mix marble product is a smooth type stone that has many colours such as Red, orange, grey, white blackand even pink.  It gives a great finish when using on a driveway area of any size or even for a small space in the garden.

Pearl Spar.
This gravel is a vibrant white which can create an effective space on a modern home with a contrasting dark border block to make it stand out even more.

Canterbury Spar.
This gravel is similar to the colours found in Spanish mix marble but it has a darker appearance and a less smooth stones throughout the mixture.

Rose Grey Granite.
This is a granite gravel which has a mixture of a rose red colour and also grey stones to provide a nice balance to compliment any home.

Green Granite.
This is a green gravel which can be used to create a nice off road parking space to contrast with surrounding greenery to allow it to blend in.

Red Granite.
This is the same gravel as green granite with a difference of it’s colour.  This red granite can be great for adding on to an existing driveway or even a substitute for a tarmac driveway.

This is a creamy type of gravel which can be well suited for a country feel home, a cottage but still is a possible material to use on a modern home.

Gravel Range