Retaining Walls

Add instant appeal and value to your home with a retaining wall

Updating a wall or a retaining wall could add value to the home along with creating a more inviting feel for all to enjoy

We can use a range of products to help transform any area with a simple wall or even something more complex.

We are able to create retaining walls using products such as Bricks in a wide range of colours to suit everyone’s needs or use a railway sleeper to create a strong wall on a patio area or even in a front garden.

Brick walls add lots of character to the space whereas a sleeper is a more cost effective option

Why not invite us to provide a free quote to help transform a space for your new wall.

Why use Acre Driveways Retaining Walls

Add value to your home

Suitable for all homes and public spaces

Simple to maintain

Wide range of brick colours available