Contemporary Range

This range is made up of products that offer crisp, clean lines and stylish surfaces to create a striking, modern aesthetic.

These contemporary products are designed to work particularly well with modern properties – but can also create a spectacular contrast with older or period properties.

Within the contemporary range is the following types of block paving:

Lugano Block Paving.
Brett Lugano block paving is designed to give your driveway the look and feel of textured granite.  The durable, textured surface provides a high level of slip resistance, making it ideal for many applications and blending well with a wide variety of house styles.

Available with either a light Misty Grey tone or a darker Graphite Grey option, Lugano can be used in one or both tones to highlight focal points, borders or pathways around your house.

Beta Block Paving.
Beta’s clean lined, smooth surfaces give a wonderful contemporary look to any driveway. This low maintenance paving solution is also great in the garden due to the reduced gap between blocks which minimises soil collection.

Beta is available in 4, single size packs and a mixed size TRIO pack, which contains three sizes of block in one pack, to maximise design flexibility and reduce the number of packs required, helping to minimise waste on smaller paving projects. There is 5 colours within this range.

Delta Block Paving.
Building on the success of the popular Omega range, Delta paving has been designed in the same ratio but offers a 30% greater surface area.

This means fewer joints, faster coverage and a fresh, modern aesthetic for driveway approaches to all types of home.

Delta can easily be mixed with Omega to create attractive driveway designs quickly.
Available in 3 colours.

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Block Paving Range