Mid Range

This range is made up of products that have a great balance to be hard wearing but also have a realistic look without going too far

These mid range products offer hard wearing lawn with a realistic looking.

Within the mid range is the following types of artificial grass

Pile Height = 29mm
Pinch yourself because it looks so real. Thanks to its fine curly 32mm fibres, it gives you an uncanny natural look for lawns, landscapes and schools or even pampered pets.

Green Vision
Pile Height = 27mm
Like your grass to be a lighter shade of green? This option’s for you. The 27mm fibres are soft and hardwearing, but offer a lighter colour option that’s also easy on your budget.

Living Colours
Pile Height = 30mm
With colours that pop, it’s the one to choose when you’ve got something to show off. Made for business or shows and events, but also goes great in schools.

Artificial grass range