Create a rustic effect to your garden.

The traditional range of natural stone paving is comprised of products that offer softer, aged lines and riven surfaces to create a more rustic appearance – but with all the beauty of a natural product.

This range can also work wonderfully with a more modern property to create a beautiful contrast and an outdoor space you will love to spend time in.

Within the traditional range you will find.

Riven Sandstone.
Our calibrated range of Riven Sandstone paving is accurately sawn to an even thickness to enable quick and easy installation.

From the warm, robust, autumnal colours of Modak, Sunrise and Raveena through to the cooler and more delicate tones of Fossil Mint, Forest Glen and Mountain Mist, all of these natural colours vary from piece to piece and pack to pack giving your patio a unique look and feel.

Our Riven Sandstone portfolio offers a wide variety of rich, characterful colours to suit every sensibility and garden type and the wide selection of options in this range allows you to be as creative as you like.

Rippled Limestone.
The natural warmth and traditional appearance of Rippled Limestone suites both traditional and contemporary garden settings.

Our range of Rippled Limestone is all cut to standard thicknesses for ease of installation whilst retaining its natural strength and durability.

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Traditional Range