Traditional Range

This range is made up of products that can be used to create a lovely traditional area to your driveway or patio.

These traditional products are designed to work particularly well with older properties – but can also create a spectacular contrast with newer properties.

Within the contemporary range is the following types of gravel:

10mm Golden Shingle
This 10mm shingle is a great gravel to use on a cottage and other period properties but it can still be used on a newer home.  It has a good mixture of colours throughout and goes well with a border block.

20mm Golden Shingle.
The mixture of yellows, creams, whites and oranges give the 20mm shingle a good mix of shades which can set off a property from the outside.  This can be mixed with 10mm to give the area a more dense filling.  This shingle can be used with a variety of block borders to give the area a frame to hold the shingle in place.

Gravel Range