Traditional Range

Our Traditional range of block paving offers an aged look with softer lines and riven surfaces to create a more rustic appearance – but with all the virtues of modern paving so you don’t have to sacrifice form for function.

It goes without saying that these products work best with older properties – however they can be used to great effect to counterpoint modern home designs.

 Within the traditional range is the following types of block paving.

Aura is the perfect courtyard cobble with a unique curved shape.  The tumbled riven surface and delicate shimmer makes Aura a great alternative to granite setts.  Using the matching Circle Kit, it’s also possible to acheive a wide range of designs and create a truly stunning driveway.  This cobble effect block is found in 3 different colours.

With a distressed aged look that blends well with most surroundings, it isn’t surprising that Alpha is one of the most popular choices.
Alpha is available in 4, single size packs and a mixed size TRIO pack, which contains three sizes of block in one pack, to maximise design flexibility and reduce the number of packs required, helping to minimise waste on smaller paving projects.
We offer 5 colour choices with the alpha range

Regatta is one of our most popular ranges with its riven surface detail helping to create great looking driveways.
Regatta is available in two great pack configurations to maximise ease of use for your driveway projects and is ideal for installing complex patterns in small areas.
Regatta TRIO – combines small, medium and large blocks in the same pack

Regatta DUO – combines large and jumper blocks in the same pack.

These two options can be used individually or combined giving the highest level of laying pattern flexibility.  In the regatta range there is 3 colours available

Block Paving Range