Value Range

Brett Value Garden Paving products perform every bit as well as the Traditional and Contemporary ranges – but will generally come with a more restricted range of accessories.

In this way, you can still create fantastic outdoor spaces but keep within a tighter budget.

Within the value range is the following types of garden paving:


The Stamford range of economy wet-cast concrete flag paving is designed to offer exceptional value when creating patios, paths and utility areas around the home.
Each flag has a sharp edge detail that looks great when laid with narrow joints, which also maximised the speed and ease of installation for the DIY enthusiast.
Stamford has a detailed riven surface and is available in 3 colours and 2 plan sizes.
Stamford Ultra has a gently rippled texture and is available in 3 colours and 1 plan size.
Colour and face finish may vary. For areas requiring greater style, we would advise you to consider using products such as Lugano, Bronte, Rochester Brick or Canterbury.

Broadway Economy.
Available in both smooth and riven options as well as 2 plan sizes, this functional, economical paving suits utility areas perfectly.

Colours and face finishes may vary. For areas requiring greater style, use products such as Lugano, Rochester Brick, Bronte or Canterbury.

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Garden Paving Range