GeoCeramica® represents the evolution of elegant, durable, beautiful contemporary porcelain paving. It offers all the benefits of conventional porcelain paving with its cool, crisp beauty and minimal maintenance but has now been made easy to install using traditional UK construction methods – and suitable for use on both patios and driveways alike.

This is thanks to the cementitious drainage base permanently bonded to the porcelain surface, GeoCeramica® can be be installed quickly and easily over a conventional Type 1 sub-base.


  • Refined, elegant aesthetics
  • Durable and easy to maintain porcelain face
  • Simple to install using traditional methods
  • No staining, moss, algae or lichen growth
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles
  • Suitable for patios and driveways

The fantastic GeoCeramica® range is available in a single 600 x 600mm plan size but but offers three thicknesses depending upon your application:

  • 60mm for driveways where increased strength is required.
  • 40mm for patio paving making it ideal for patio’s and pathways.
  • 10mm for indoor spaces and detailing elements such as step treads.

These features make the GeoCeramica® range from Brett Landscaping the ideal paving solution for your next paving project where seeking a fully integrated look around your home.

GeoCeramica® Range Overview

Inspired by nature, the GeoCeramica® range of porcelain paving harnesses the true beauty of natural stone whilst adding the benefits of modern paving technology. The range comprises six options which provide a very flexible palette for the designer, and the 10mm option allows you to connect your indoor and outdoor space seamlessly:

Bluestone is available as 60mm and 10mm product and has an elegant, densely specked surface appearance reminiscent of dark Granite. The unique 60mm thickness of Bluestone has been tried and tested for use on areas such as car parks where the impermeability of porcelain makes it immune to the staining resulting from vehicle use and gives a fantastic aesthetic to any driveway.

Impasto is available as 40mm and 10mm product and has been designed to provide the luxurious look of traditional Belgian Blue Limestone with its natural, subtle veins, lines and patterns.

Marmostone is available as 40mm and 10mm product and takes its inspiration from natural marble paving and provides the beauty of natural stone paving but now without the maintenance issues of natural stone.

Fiordi is available as 60mm, 40mm and 10mm product and has a textured, variegated surface inspired by natural sandstone. This brings its own unique aesthetic mixture of light and shade effects to your design and creates a premium finish which will retain its looks for years to come.

Mosaik is available as 40mm and 10mm product and has a creative Mosaik pattern that allows you to create a modern, romantic ambience.   You can also use Mosaik with the Fiordi range (40mm) to add extra character and detailing to your design.

Irish Highstone  is available as 40mm and 10mm product and has a robust appearance which is offset by it’s organic, varied pattern.