How to Lay a Block Paving Driveway

Here is a brief guide on steps we follow to complete a driveway.

Step One: Site Prep
Arrive to the site between 7:30-8:00 am to meet with the client and explain to them what plans will go ahead on the first day of work. We will inspect the area making sure the surroundings are not damaged and move items if needs be.

Step Two: Excavation
We will then make a start to the excavation of the driveway area. We will use petrol breakers to break up concrete, tarmac and other hard materials and use a shovel to mark out grass/soil areas. Once the hard and soft materials have been broken up we will use a digger to remove the spoil waste, usually in a form of grab lorry to dispose of the rubbish. The depth of the driveway will be dug out to a 250-300mm depth to ensure Britsh standards are followed. If we find any soft spots we will use some sub base or cement to fill the area making it sufficient to work on.

Step Three: Sub Base
Having tipped the sub-base material into the laying area, rake into position to a consistent depth of 150-170mm. We then compact the area using a Vibrating Plate Compactor, making sure the entire area has been compressed at least twice. Check again for any sinking areas. If this occurs, an extra depth of sub-base material will be considered. Once the sub-base is smooth, flat and to the appropriate level, we prepare the area for sharp sand.

Step Four: Sharp Sand and Screeding
We will lay a Geotextile membrane if required on top of the sub base. We then place piles of course sharp sand on top of the membrane and level out to the appropriate levels, this usually is to a 50mm depth. Once the sand has been leveled correctly we will compact the sharp sand using the vibrator plate until flat. We will then lay our metal screading bars into the sand and using a spirit level make sure the correct fall is seen to fall towards the drainage area to be installed later. Using a aluminum bar we will pull this on top of the metal bars placed in the sand to create a smooth workable surface for the paving to be laid later on.

Step Five: Laying of Block paving
The next step is to lay the block paving (60mm) we will either pull a string line off of the building to make sure the driveway is laid square to your house or where possible lay off the building itself which ensures the paving is square. We will Lay a border block and then the pattern off this. Depending on which block style you choose each laying pattern will be different. We will install Aco drainage across the lowest point of the driveway and dig a soakaway into the ground until we hit a soft material to allow for natural soakaway. Once the paving has been fully laid, cutting in will then happen. Using a block cutter we will mark the block and cut it to fit.

Step Six: Compacting and finishing of the driveway
We will use a cement mixture to use on the outside of the paving to hold the driveway in place. Once the driveway has been cemented in and the rubbish removed from the area we will put down a fine Kiln Dry sand to cover the driveway ready for final compacting. We will then use the vibrating plate to compact the driveway, this is done 2-3 times to ensure the driveway is whacked to the correct levels. The kiln dry sand will then be brushed into the joints and then swept off of the driveway thoroughly. Once the driveway is completely clean we will use a water based sealant and spray the driveway with 2-3 coats. We will leave the site clean and tidy.