How to Install Channel Drains

Aco drains are a simple way of redirecting water away from the driveway

This prevents water getting into your home but also are required by law since 2008.  We are now instructed to install them on all new driveway installations.

Step 1: Footing

The aco drainage footing is the same for each driveway surface.

There needs to be a depth of 100mm for the drain to fit plus some extra for concrete to go underneath the drain.

Step 2: ‘Levelling’

The aco drain should sit 5mm below the surface of the driveway. Using a rubber hammer to gently tap the aco drain into the cement. Ensure that the channel drain is on a slope to the drainage point.

Step 3: Piping

Use piping under the drains to either connect the aco drain to the downpipe system of the property or to a point where the surface run off will be diverted to an area where it will not cause damage.

Step 4: Driveway

Blend the sand along the aco drains and lay the paving up tight to drains with any cuts to complete the area.