How to Create a Concrete Base

Here we will outline methods we use to install a concrete base.  This can be used for a  variety of items such as sheds, cabins, a parking spot or even a small area for a bench.

First we need to excavate to the appropriate depth needed, depending on how thick the concrete needs to be and what the use is for. Remove any soil if required or the base is below the grass level.  Once done create a frame using wood timber and stakes to hold it all into place.  Screwing the frame to the stakes can help add more stability and also check with a speed square to make sure all the corners are equal.
Also check that you have the correct measurements to fit the right product on top.

If the ground layer is acceptable or in most cases do not require any additional sub base layers but if you require some install to the right level and compact with a compacter plate.

Now it’s time to start adding concrete to the area.  You can use a mixer to make your own cement or hire a concrete lorry and pay for what you use.  After you have decided on how the concrete is being made, start to add the concrete into the framed area starting at the furthest point.  You can fill up half way and start to level with a rake pushing right into the corners.  After you have done this you can tamper the concrete down with some timber or a metal bar making sure it is level with the frame installed.  You can then carry on to finish the remaining half and then allow the concrete time to fully set which can be a few days.